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for making our “Beyond Ballroom” Program part of their elementary curriculum.  

WE are now in all 5 of the White Plains Elementary Schools;

Post Road, Ridgeway, Mamaroneck Ave, George Washington, and Church Street.  

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Beyond Ballroom is a program that teaches the fundamentals of social dance, with proper etiquette, to elementary school children.  This four-week program will allow students to learn one of several dances, and culminates with a performance for parents and fellow students.  The program is completely non-competitive and mainstreams every student, regardless of any learning issues. Mr. Cavise works with the basic steps in several Latin and American social dances, including Merengue, Cha Cha, Rumba, Fox Trot, Tango, Hustle, Swing and Salsa. The program, however, goes BEYOND just learning the steps, but emphasizes proper social behavior between boy and girl partners that will become life long skills.

The boys learn how to escort his partner properly, and how to lead by giving proper non-verbal signals to her.  He learns to be sensitive to how she interprets these signals and adjusts them accordingly.  Boys learn to be the leader of the pair and respect the girl for learning to follow them.

The girls learn how to accept the boys lead and, if done properly, how to follow his signals.  She  will also learn to deny her partners lead if done improperly, which makes her a leader as well.  She learns to  trust the boy as she concentrates on the style of the dance as he supports her.  She becomes aware of this non-verbal communication, which heightens her sensitivity to her partner.

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The Beyond Ballroom Program helps children understand about each other and teaches them to work with one another on a personal level.  Feelings such as frustration, confusion, and excitement are experienced in every class.  Children understand that these feelings are a part of every day life, and that we have to work through them to accomplish our goals.


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BEYOND BALLROOM is not just about learning dance steps, but also about learning lessons they will take with them for years to come.  As they grow and develop social relationships, this program will have taught them what is and is not socially acceptable. They work one-on-one, as a team, communicating with one another in order to complete their goal.  They realize it is impossible to complete this mission alone and must work together to achieve success.

In ballroom, you never dance alone.



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