About Dance Cavise Studios

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About Dance Cavise

Quoted in the New York Times as “setting higher standards in dance education in Westchester County”, Dance Cavise is a teaching oriented program that emphasizes the development of proper technique with correct terminology. Our program offers quality dance education in all disciplines of movement to all ages. Classes offered include Ballet, Pointe, Character, Jazz, Tap, Modern, Hip Hop, Creative Movement, Musical Theatre, and Stretch.

Students are placed by their age and technical ability, and must meet the requirements of one level before going on to the next. Though the emphasis is not on a performance, dance is a performing art and we encourage the experience of being on stage as part of the learning process. The studio adopts a “graduating” performance schedule, presenting several smaller showcases as opposed to a full studio, full length production.

A Letter from the Director, Joe Cavise


When I left the Broadway hit CATS, I was performing the male lead dance role of Mr. Mistoffelees. Like everyone else dancing on Broadway, throughout it all, I was in dance class every day perfecting and maintaining the level of my craft.  Even though I was a professional Broadway dancer, I looked for dance classes, even beginner levels, that would help me 
strengthen my technique and find new ways of learning. I found those classes in some of the best studios in NYC.  
I left Broadway with one thing in mind; to bring that NYC style dance school to Westchester, where I had recently settled.  I had a passion for teaching children and dance education. In 1988, as newlyweds, my wife, Lori and I opened the doors to Dance Cavise. I gathered associates from NYC and our faculty was born. Since then, after 28 years, I have been exceedingly proud of our studio and evolving staff. 

Why Dance Cavise?

Professional Teaching Staff:
When searching for a studio, parents should first look into the classroom and see the type of instruction their child will receive. Just as any other learning program, the teacher is the biggest factor in the learning process. Being directly across from the NY metro station, most of our teaching staff comes from New York City. This allows us to have some of the best quality instruction offered without having to actually travel to the city. Several teachers have been with us for many years including our veteran Ballet professionals Olga and Vladimir Dvorovenko, (teaching with us for 18 years), Natrea Blake, (teaching Hip Hop for 9 years) and our studio manager, Jamie Himpel, who has been with us in some capacity since we opened the studio. We are an education driven studio so our 
teaching faculty does just that, they teach. They do not work on routines for the entire class time or start a recital piece early in the season, they teach the technique of the art form, executing move by move.

Placement and Grading System:
At the end of each year, our teaching staff evaluates each student and makes recommendations for the appropriate level for the following year, based on their technical ability and age.  Having proper body alignment and accurately executing the movement, are the two biggest factors in the grading process. Our goal is for each student to be challenged and progress at their own pace, and have fun along the way. I have seen years of students take this discipline and go on to the highest level of colleges and universities. They have become doctors, lawyers, educators, health care providers, global travelers, and yes performers but, beyond that, these students who grasp what we offer at Dance Cavise become successful, confident people. 

Dance Company experience:
Many schools offer a “Dance Company” experience for their students. Most are done by auditions and require rehearsals outside of regular class times. The purpose of this company is where Dance Cavise is unique. Many schools create dance companies to attend competitions, with gold and platinum awards as the focus. I created the not for profit company Off 
Center Dance Theatre as an outlet for much more than just dance. Although we do host a Dance Invitational performance each Spring, the girls who become part of this company are not about competing with other studios to win awards. Our “trophy”, as it were, is the feeling of making a difference by giving back to our community. Together we visit children’s organizations, including those who serve children at risk and, through dance, we demonstrate how you can work to your best capacity no matter what the obstacles may be. It is a reward that is indescribable until you actually see the small difference you may have made in someone’s life. That is more rewarding than any trophy.

Teacher Mentoring Program:
Another great learning tool offered at Dance Cavise is as a teacher demonstrator in the classroom.  This mentoring program which is eligible to students in the fifth grade and older is about working with younger students and being a positive role model for them. Candidates should demonstrate a good attitude and strong technique for the younger students in class.  This program offers a wonderful leadership opportunity and learning experience.  This also acts as a work-study program offering scholarships to help defray Dance Cavise tuition costs.  
Making The Decision:
For whatever reason a child wants to dance, there is a class at Dance Cavise, at both the recreational and pre-professional levels.  With over 10,000 square feet, we are one of the finest dance facilities in Westchester. 
We hope this helps you in your decision making when choosing a studio.  Call me anytime to discuss as questions you may have, and dont forget to take advantage of our early registration discounts during National Dance Week.
We are… All Dance, All Ages, All levels.

About the Director

 Hailed as “Westchester’s Dance Man” in the nationally published Dance Teacher Magazine, Joe Antony Cavise began his professional career in 1981 when he joined the Actor’s Equity Association and the Screen Actors Guild. In 1983, he joined the original Broadway Company of CATS making the Winter Garden Theatre stage his home for 4 years. During that stay, he was featured i A Chorus Line-The Movie. Mr. Cavise left his performing career to pursue his passion for dance education and opened Dance Cavise Studios with wife Lori in 1989. In 1991, he founded Off Center Dance Theatre (OCDT), a non-for-profit organization housed at Dance Cavise, dedicated todance performance and community outreach. Subsequently, he founded OCDT’s Youth Ensemble in 1993, further establishing the Company’s philanthropic mission.Mr. Cavise created “Beyond Ballroom” in 2006, which teaches students social interaction skills through pertner dancing. He has taken this program into multiple public school systems throughout Westchester. Mr Cavise has spent over three decades devoted to dance education.

General Studio Policy

• Students are expected to be in class on time and in proper dance attire, (see dress code). Students arriving 15 minutes late or not in proper dress may be asked to observe class only.

• Dance Cavise reserves the right to change the schedule based on student enrollment and teacher availability.

• Students may transfer to a different class with permission from Dance Cavise staff only.

Dance Cavise Studios Facility

After our recent renovations, Dance Cavise now is one of the finest privately owned dance facilities in Westchester County. With four studios totally over 10,000 square feet, our rooms have professionally installed sprung floors with parent observation windows. Now, as one of the largest facilities in the county, we offer a full service dance boutique and nursery services to our clients. Located directly across from the NYC metro north train station, Dance Cavise has acquired some of the best teachers from New York City. Stop in to pick up a brochure.


Mr. Cavise has developed a teaching syllabus designed to fit the needs of our students. All classes in Ballet, Jazz and Tap follow a step-by-step teaching plan maintaining a cohesive program within each discipline. Students in any class will learn the same dance technique, regardless of the teacher.

Classes Offered

Creative Movement – Creative Movement is for our most “petite danseur.”  In this class, students will learn basic dance terminology and fundamental elements of dance such as weight transference and balance.  This class acts as a springboard and prepares the student for more structured classes to follow beginning in kindergarten.  Students can register for half year or full year.

Ballet – Classical dance form based on proper placement, line and extension.  This is considered the foundation of all forms of movement based on execution of proper technique.

Jazz – Based on Classical Ballet but incorporates contemporary movement and music.  Unpredictable changes in rhythm, speed, and direction are often used,  utilizing strong and controlled legwork, and employing stress on the torso, floor work, fall and recovery, and improvisation.

Modern – Contemporary movement based on several pioneers of the Modern movement including Alvin Ailey, Horton, Maddox and Cunningham.

Tap – A percussive dance form based on sounds and rhythm.  Considered a “specialty” dance form that is essential if interested in Musical Theatre.

HIP HOP – The most contemporary dance form, non-ballet based,  used mainly in music videos and on the stage.  Classes based on quick, sharp and fast movements.


The Dance Cavise faculty follow a teaching syllabus in order to maintain a cohesive program.  At the end of the year, teachers evaluate the level of each student based on their line and execution of the syllabus.  These evaluations help place the student in theappropriate class for the following year

Tuition/Refund Policy

A non-refundable registration fee of $35.00 is required annually of all students.

Children’s tuition is based on the school calendar year. Payments reflect the year’s tuition and are not based on the number of lessons. One half deposit is required at time of enrollment, with balance due by November 1st. We will NOT send a bill. If balance is not received, a late fee of $25.00 will be added to your tuition and require immediate payment. Dance Cavise reserves the right to terminate the student’s registration if tuition is not paid by this time.

Refunds are only applicable up to two weeks from your start date. After that time, no refunds will be given. Please note that $100.00 of your deposit is non-refundable.  Any refunds will be pro-rated from the drop-out date.  No exceptions will be extended to our refund policy for any reason.



There are NO refunds, deductions, or credits for student absenteeism. The studio does not reschedule classes that are cancelled due to inclement weather. Make-up classes may be taken in another class of same level & discipline, within the current term.  Please call the studio prior to class to confirm a make-up date.

Dress Code

Dance Cavise requires a dress code for reasons of health, safety, and professionalism.



Level: CM,K,1A,1B Pink Leotard
Level: 2A,2B,2B/C,2C Solid Burgundy Leotard
Level: 3B,3B/C,3C, all 4’s and 5’s Solid Black Leotard

Pink tights, pink ballet slippers, hair must be up in a bun. Skirts and tu-tu’s are not allowed beyond Creative Movement.

Black dance tights or dance pants, white T-shirt, black or white ballet slippers.


     Girls: Dancewear of any design and/or color, Jazz shoes. Hair must be up and off the face.

     Boys: Black dance tights or dance pants, any fitted T-shirt, jazz shoes.


Dancewear of any design and/or color. Black hip hop sneakers are required.


Same dress as jazz, tap shoes, no jeans


Leotard of any color, pink tights and ballet slippers

Observing Class

All of our studios have observation windows. Parents are welcome to observe classes during the first month of the term. Children will show better progress with less distraction. Therefore, we encourage parents to separate as soon as possible. All classes will schedule a “Parent’s Day” in January for observing your child’s progress and discussing any matters with the teacher.

Adult Program

Our adult program is on-going, allowing students to begin at any time. Adults (ages 16 or older) may purchase a single class or a variety of card options to fit their schedule. These “Class Cards” can be used for any regular adult class on our schedule. They do have limited expiration and are non-transferable.

MB&W-Girls-at-barre-2  Performances

Dance Cavise is a non-recital oriented program with an emphasis on teaching technique. Students are not required to participate in their year-end showcase and can continue class until June. However, as dance is a performing art, we encourage the experience of being on stage as part of the learning process. Our studio adopts the following policy:

Pre-school through Kindergarten

“Parents Day” performance during class time.

1st grade through 12th grade

Performance at outside locations*

*These showcases are divided into small groups of classes and are NOT combined into one, full        company performance.

mTwo-Dancers-at-barre-2Work Study//Tuition Assistance

Dance Cavise offers tuition assistance through a payment plan to the student who shows demonstrated financial need. Students receiving this assistance must attend classes regularly and demonstrate a strong work ethic. Students may also receive tuition assistance by becoming a teacher demonstrator in a class of a lower age and level. The “demo” sets an example for the younger children and must therefore demonstrate good attitude and technique. Additional work study programs may also be available. If you are interested, please leave contact information at the studio.

Additional Services

• Dance Birthday Parties!!
• Private Instruction
• Studio Rentals
• AM Baby-sitting, Monday through Friday

273 Halstead Avenue
Mamaroneck, NY 10543